About Peace Play Presence

PeacePlayPresence began from the idea that healing can be found in many forms, such as yoga, playing in creation, and a combination of those. I thought about what things were important to me, using the process found in "Being Boss," and ended up with those three words.

I'm constantly looking for more ways to play, find peace, and be in the Presence of something larger than myself, and that's what I want to share in my teaching. I love teaching other pastors who want to get back into their bodies and play after spending so much time being serious and brainy.

Teaching kids yoga came out of my love for play and a need to help kids find some peace in their bodies and minds, too. I highly recommend the Cosmic Kids' Videos, and that's where I received my certification.

For Peace Play Presence, Black Lives Matter! We will donate 10% proceeds to Detroit Heals Detroit or another Black-led community organization.

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