About Me

Pastor Beth Birkholz

I have practiced yoga for over 20 years,

beginning the practice as grief support.

I am an ordained Lutheran pastor.

I work for a social service agency who provides foster care and adoption, refugee resettlement, affordable and free housing, and senior living centers.

I see yoga and Christianity as parallel paths, not one as superior to the other. I honor the roots of yoga in Southeast Asia and bow at the feet of my teachers who are people of color.

I tithe 10% of all earnings after expenses to organizations who are led by and support Black Americans.

I have years of yoga training in various disciplines, and my 200 hour certification with Yoga Alliance is in the Ashtanga tradition. I became certified in Paddleboard Yoga teaching (which includes water safety) in June 2021.

I am on track to finish my certifications with Cosmic Kids Yoga soon.

I'm an Enneagram 7, married to another pastor, and mama to two amazing teenagers.